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Superintendent's Latest COVID-19 Announcement

District Announcements

Week of Feb. 24 - 28

KFCS Schools and Offices are open and in session, Monday, Feb 24th through Friday, Feb. 28th. Please remember there is late start on Wednesday, Feb. 26th. Click here for the school bell schedule and click here for school contact information.

Feb. 17-21

KFCS Schools and Offices are closed on Monday, Feb. 17th in observance of Presidents Day.

KFCS Schools and Offices are open and in session, Tuesday, Feb 18 through Friday, Feb. 21. Please remember there is late start on Wednesday, Feb. 19th. Click here for the school bell schedule and click here for school contact information.

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Finalizing Learning at Home Process and Updates

 Please see the Superintendents "Back to School Update" letter to parents by clicking here!


Parents and Guardians: Please complete the Meals and Packet Survey by clicking here




Please click here for full information (English and/y español)


In our continued efforts to do our part to keep our community, our students and families safe from the threat of COVID-19, all KFCS schools and properties are closed through April 28, 2020. KFCS continues to work alongside and support our local and state leaders in this fight. These closures are in full support of the Governor’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” recommendations and follow the Governor’s Executive Orders dated March 17, 2020.

Next week staff will return to their work places and students will begin to receive learning materials, lunches, and phone calls from schools. The district will be finalizing the processes for loaning Chromebooks to families, distributing learning packets and handing out lunches by the end of this week.  The superintendent will contact families with that information by Friday, March 27, 2020.

March 17, 2020, 6 pm

Governor Brown has extended school closures statewide through 4/28/20. Stay tuned for updates from the District on learning plans during the closure. 

Click Here for all the KFCS FAQs

Click Here for the Klamath County Public Health Posters of When to Keep your Child Home from School

Covid Info

Click Here for the Klamath County Public Health Department COVID-19 webpage that is updated regularly!

COVID-19 Germ Spread Prevention

Click Here for Health Departments Instructions for stopping the spread of germs: English / Spanish

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2020/21 Kindergarten

Roundup Curbside!

Wednesday, May, 20, 2020 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. For the English Flyer, click here. Para el folleto en inglés, haga clic aquí.


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Newsletters and Press Releases

Klamath Falls City Schools Latest News:

KU Homecoming Week

What a week Homecoming was at KU. To see all the action, click HERE.

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KU Building Update 09-17-18

Things at KU are much more green that they used to be. Check out the KU Building Update and see the landscaping changes. Click Here

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KU Building Update 08-10-18

Check out the new KU Buidling Update dated August 10, 2018 video. New geothermal sidewalks are going in as well

as the new paved entrance road on the Monclaire Street side of the building. CLICK HERE

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School Press Releases

Conger Elementary

Conger Celebrates STEM
more Conger Elementary School hosted STEM Night 1/23. Families enjoyed hands-on math and science activities with slime, static electricity, magnets,...
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Mills Elementary

Mills Celebrates Reading
more Mills Elementary School hosted Literacy Night 1/23 as its 3rd family night of the year. Families enjoyed dinner and activities, including raffle...
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Pelican Elementary

4th Grade Nutrition with OSU Extension
more Kim Dunaway's 4th grade students at Pelican made turkey cranberry quesadillas as part of a nutrition lesson with Oregon State University's...
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Roosevelt Elementary

Roosevelt Vaccination Rates
more Oregon Public Health has released Roosevelt's 17/18 Immunization Rates. Click here for the graph on Roosevelt's data. For all KFCS schools,...
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Ponderosa Middle School

more 18 students from Ponderosa and KU are preparing custom-designed robots for a qualifying tournament in Philomath 1/18-19. Cheer them on as they try for...
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Klamath Union High School

Sportsmanship Announcement
more The Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA) and Klamath Union High School requests you model good sportsmanship by refraining from derogatory...
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Upcoming District Wide Events

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MISSION: 100% Graduation is Our Expectation

VISION: Dedicated to helping all students do their best work and become their best selves

AIMS: Student, Collaborative, and Operational Excellence

AIM 1 - All Students Do Their Best Work

Goal #1: Shared Leadership—By June 2019, a majority of students, staff and parents will have opportunities to exercise leadership in each school as measured by teachers documenting at least three ways students exercised leadership during the school year in their classrooms; and principals documenting at least six total ways that students, staff and parents exercised leadership in their schools.

  • Students will be given leadership roles in the classrooms, building and district.
  • Students will give input on activities and events.
  • Staff will be given leadership roles based on strengths and interests within buildings and across the district.
  • Administrators will seek input when developing goals.
  • Representative community members will be given building leadership roles.
  • Representative community members will provide input when developing goals and initiatives.

Goal #2: Student Empowerment—On the end of the school year surveys, a majority of teachers, parents and students will indicate students have done their best work.

  • Student goal-setting will occur K-12.
  • Teachers will seek student input on the learning process and use this input to adjust instructional strategies.
  • Principals will use student feedback to improve all aspects of the school.
  • At the end of each quarter, as part of the goal-setting monitoring, each student will assess their work and effort and share this assessment with parents and guardians on report card.

Goal #3: Effective Multi-Tiered Instruction—By June 2019, all KFCS schools will earn a proficient score on a five-point scale as determined by building Professional Learning Communities using multiple data sources to evaluate the schools’ tiered supports.

  • Tier I—Effective core instruction including WICOR strategies and K-12 AVID implementation improvement by meeting AVID certification standards.
  • Tier II/III—Response to interventions
  • Tier I-III
    • Differentiation for all achievement levels
    • Scaffolding
    • Effective use of data
    • Evidence-based curriculum
    • Fidelity to core instruction
    • Fidelity to intervention programs

AIM 2 - All Students Become Their Best Selves

Goal #1: Teach Explicit Behavior Skills—End of the year behavioral referral data will show a decrease in the percent of students receiving office referrals compared to the end of prior year.

  • Staff across the district will be trained in the Champs Behavioral Model
  • Trained teachers will use the Anita Archer Explicit Instruction Technique
  • Schools will continue to use PBIS and to regularly review behavior data
  • See strategy 4 under Aim 1, Goal 2

Goal #2: Service Learning: By June 2020, 100% of KFCS homeroom classes will participate in at least one service-learning project.

  • All students will participate in Give Back Day
  • District sub-committees will put together a service learning plan for 2019-2020 implementation by students

Goal #3: Respectful Caring Relationships—Student and staff spring surveys will show an improvement in the percentage who indicate they have caring relationships compared to the percentage in the prior survey.

  • All sites will implement plans to increase the percentage of faithful attenders compared to the prior year
  • KU staff will work with 9th graders to improve the percentage who, at the end-of-the-year, are on track to graduate compared to the percentage the prior year
  • Students and staff will work together to successfully decrease the number of students with failures on their report cards compared to the prior year
  • Staff and students will promote greater attendance at extracurricular events
  • Schools will regularly celebrate successes with students, staff, parents and community

Goal #4: Healthy Lifestyles—Students and staff will develop healthier lifestyles as measured by maintaining or improving their scores on the Blue Zones school certification rubric.

  • As contained in the Blue Zones certification booklet

AIM 3 - Operational Excellence

Goal #1: Improve Operational Effectiveness and Efficiencies—By July 2019, all district departments will identify their key four to ten processes and flow chart these processes.

  • Each department will meet to discuss and identify their key processes.
  • The processes most critical to department success will be determined and flow charted.
  • Flow charts will be sent to their supervisor for approval before submitting to the superintendent.

Goal #2: Improve Customer Satisfaction—By May 2019, a customer service survey will be sent to all staff and the results will be used to create PDSA plans for the next school year.

  • Each department will create a short customer service survey.
  • In spring, the surveys will be administered to appropriate staff members.
  • During summer of 2019, survey results will be reviewed by all departments and the results will be used to create PDSA plans of improvement.