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Week of June 11 - 15, 2018

All KFCS schools and offices are open and in session through THURSDAY, June 14, 2018. Thursday is the last day of the 2017/18 school year. KUHS Finals schedule is located on their school's announcements - click here for KUHS announcement details.


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The Latest in the KFCS Remodel Project of Klamath Union High School

Mike Herron, the KFCS project liaison of Klamath Union High School keeps us up to date with the latest progress on the KUHS remodel project. Check out some of the headway by Clicking Here!

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Newsletters and Announcements

Klamath Falls City Schools Latest News:


Press Releases!

Safety in the KFCS Schools from Dr. Hillyer, Superintendent
more Dear Parents: The tragedy of the latest school shooting in Florida has rocked the nation. Once again, America’s attention is focused on school safety. Student safety is our district’s top priority. KFCS has long had many practices in place to reduce the risk of student harm. This includes locking all but the front entry door at all schools during the school day, asking visitors to...
Budget Calendar for the 2018/19 School Year
more Please click here for the 18/19 school year budget calendar process....
KUHS Pathways - Career Brochure
more Check out all of the career pathway opportunities at Klamath Union High School. Earn college credits and career skills while in high school! Click here for the full brochure!...
New Peer Mentor Program: Great Opportunity for Pondo's 8th Graders
more Do you remember being a freshman in high school? For many it is a daunting time. New building, new schedules, more responsibilities, more freedom, unfamiliar faces: These are just a few of the challenges that can make the first year of high school confusing. KU has added a number of supports for incoming students over the last few years that have helped ease this tension. These include more...
Community Partners Give KU Students Business Experience
more Klamath Falls City Schools, in partnership with local businesses, is creating paid internship opportunities in the community for Klamath Union High School students. This past summer, four students served as interns, two at the Herald & New and two at BasinLife.com Internships worked for approximately 8 weeks in June and July. In that time the program introduced the students to a wide range of...
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2018/19 Budget Process

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MISSION: 100% Graduation is Our Expectation

VISION: Dedicated to helping all students do their best work and become their best selves

AIMS: Student, Collaborative, and Operational Excellence

1. Student Excellence

Increase the percent of students who meet or exceed proficiency targets on each state achievement test and on district proficiency grading systems.

  • Continue improving on the AVID implementation rubric.
  • Emphasize a growth mindset.
  • Implement the High Impact Teaching and Learning Strategies (WICOR).
  • Utilize strategies to achieve 90% attendance for all students including positive communication with parents and students.
  • Have instructional teams meet on a regular basis to review students' scores from tests in order to assess each student's progress in reading, writing and math. Targeted and accelerated instruction is based on academic data.
  • Provide tutoring and enrichment through after-school programs.
  • Support student learning through summer school programs.
  • Partner throughout the school year with students and parents to set and implement K-8 individual student learning and growth targets.
  • Help 9-12 students partner throughout the school year with parents and counselors to build a 10-year plan that charts their journey through high school and post-secondary education or training into the workforce.

Increase the percent of high school graduates from one year to the next.

  • Focus on 9th grade on-track to graduate at KUHS.
  • Maintain 6-12 curriculum alignment.
  • Improve in-building and cross-building student transitions.
  • Provide multiple options for credit recovery.
  • Decrease the percent of failures at all grades.
  • Inspire student success through KCC, OIT and SOU Pathway programs.

2. Collaborative Excellence

a. Parent satisfaction is improved as measured by an increase in the percentage who give their children's schools and A or B grade on conference surveys.

  • Establish effective systematic two-way communication between parents, community, and schools, through personal calls and staff training.
  • Track effectiveness of communication via surveys, parent calls and quality checks.
  • Increase and acknowledge community and parent involvement in all schools.
  • Set up multiple opportunities for students to improve Klamath Falls through student service projects at all age levels.
  • Improve the district marketing plan by using innovative ideas and perspectives.

b. Utilize Professional Learning Communities (PLC) effectively by:

  • Planning for Core instruction that includes interventions and enrichments for each student in and out of the classroom.
  • Developing effective teaching strategies that are shared among teachers.
  • Establishing common lesson pacing.
  • Creating formative assessments, analyzing student outcomes and making adjustments to instruction based on the results.
  • Training staff on effective PLC work

3. Operational Excellence

  • Monitor Excellence Indicator progress and use results to drive improvements.
  • Utilize the Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) process to drive improvement.
  • Improve the community's knowledge of our schools..