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KU Announces Science and Math Career Pathway

Check out the article by clicking here about the new Science and Math Pathway partnership. Click Here for details how to enroll in the pathway.

Science and Math Pathway

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Tech Department Making Our Students Safe

The KFCS Tech department's Wesley Norton, has developed a panic button called the Norton Notifier. The panic button is slated to begin deployment over Summer 2018. Check out the new security equipment.

Panic Button

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KUHS Women Wrestlers


Written by KU Student Cooper Roberts and Mentor Susan Kramer

Klamath Union High School’s wrestling program has welcomed women on the team in recent years and, by the end of the 2017-18 season, the number female wrestlers almost equaled that of mail team members.

Hailey Anderson, a junior at Klamath Union, in her first year on the team, placed third at two tournaments. “I felt like my hard work in practice had finally paid off.” Anderson remarked “I’m glad I had such good practice partners to push me to new levels.” Anderson placed third at both the Ashland all girls tournament and the Modoc tournament in Alturas, California.

Esmeralda Tarula, a sophomore, won a match at the Regional tournament in Murphy, Oregon at Hidden Valley High School. “I didn’t think I would be able to win a match this year with so many talented wrestlers in the state.” Tarula stated “When regionals came around and I beat a boy, I was super excited. It was the best feeling in the world.”

Jayd Martin, a sophomore has been wrestling for two seasons. She had another fun year on the team. Martin has been working extremely hard over the past two years to be the best wrestler she can be “It may be hard, but once you get through the pain, you can do anything.” Martin stated.

All of the girls are coached by Dave Coker. Coker has been the Klamath Union wrestling coach for many seasons. Coker is very excited about the growth of a female wrestling program.

The girls on the team hope for a more significant growth of female wrestlers at KU. In coming seasons, the goal is to have an independent girls wrestling team. 

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Open Enrollment Begins March 1st

Written by:  Cooper Roberts, KU Marketing Intern, and Susan Kramer

February 22, 2018, Klamath Falls OR -- Open enrollment for Klamath Falls City Schools (KFCS) opens March 1, 2018 and runs through the end of the month. Open enrollment allows families to choose the schools their students attend without regard to district boundaries. Permission to change schools during the open enrollment period does not require obtaining permission from previously attended schools.

There are two (2) kinds of open enrollment. Intra-district transfers are between schools in the same district, while inter-district transfers are from one school district to a different district. Requests can be made during the month of March by obtaining and open enrollment form from KFCS District Offices. Approved requests will be effective at the start of the 2018-2019 school year beginning in September.

While most KFCS schools have unlimited open enrollment, some exceptions and restrictions apply. The new, state-of-the-art academic building at Klamath Union High School opens at the start of the 2018-19 school year and open enrollment is currently unlimited, as it is at Ponderosa Middle School.  Limitations vary by grade levels throughout the elementary schools. Detailed information, as well as open enrollment forms and FAQs are available on the KFCS website (http://www.kfalls.k12.or.us) by clicking link in the district announcements.

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KU Offers Media Design Internships

By Cooper Roberts-Garrard, KUHS Marketing Intern

Klamath Falls City School District, in conjunction with Klamath Community College (KCC) and Klamath Union High School Media Design, announce a third term of media-related student internships. Interns work with various companies around the Basin to gain workplace experience in various media specialties.

One of the internships helps students develop and hone journalistic skills, writing press releases and newspaper articles for local news and media outlets. Interns include Cooper Roberts-Garrard and Hailey Anderson (juniors) and London Argyle (sophomore). Roberts-Garrard and Anderson are both participating in their third internships, while the experience is new for Argyle.

Internships are also available at KU for students interested in digital media production. Alex Kramer, Jezzebelle Rowley, and Aubrey Say (sophomores), along with Lysetta Cook (junior) produce video and still photography work for a variety of media projects for Basin media outlets.

Under the direction of Dan Stearns, KCC Instructor and Media Internship Coordinator, these students also produce a new video series called KU and YOU Short. The new weekly format replaces monthly KU and YOU videos and spotlight a variety of stories in independent videos. Kramer also uses his video drone to film KU remodeling updates.

“This internship is a great way for me to learn more about putting my passion for videography into action and learn more about it as a profession,” said Kramer.

In addition to gaining valuable experience, all interns also earn college credit through KCC. Adult mentors to interns are Stearns and Susan Kramer, KUHS Media Specialist/Librarian. Mrs. Kramer critiques students’ written work and helps interns learn editing skills before releasing stories to media outlets.

These unique internship opportunities are only available through the Klamath Falls City Schools.

For more information about the KCC/KU Media Design program and internships, contact Dan Stearns at stearnsd@kfalls.k12.or.us. The public can see the work of students in the program on YouTube.

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Safety in the KFCS Schools from Dr. Hillyer, Superintendent

Dear Parents:

The tragedy of the latest school shooting in Florida has rocked the nation. Once again, America’s attention is focused on school safety. Student safety is our district’s top priority. KFCS has long had many practices in place to reduce the risk of student harm. This includes locking all but the front entry door at all schools during the school day, asking visitors to check into the office and wear visitor badges, requiring staff to wear employee badges, having cameras at all our locations to monitor inside and outside of the schools, having regularly scheduled trainings and drills at all schools, partnering with the Klamath Police department for a dedicated SRO officer, hiring a safety director, ensuring close supervision of students, and providing mental and behavioral health supports to students.

Bond funds also are being used to update school cameras at all sites, develop key card reader door lock systems at all sites, and other security features. The newly remodeled KU campus will have state-of-the art security systems and a secured office-only access entryway for all visitors. This entry requires all visitors to go through the office and sign in with a secretary before being allowed into the rest of the school. KU also will have secure connected links between all buildings, so that students will not go outside to move from one side of the campus to the other. This allows all outside doors to be locked and secured during the day except for the aforementioned front entry.

Our district wants you to know that we take school security very seriously and are doing all we can to keep students safe every day. Thank you for your support and confidence in our schools.

Best regards,

KFCS Superintendent, Paul Hillyer

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Budget Calendar for the 2018/19 School Year

Please click here for the 18/19 school year budget calendar process.

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KUHS Pathways - Career Brochure

Check out all of the career pathway opportunities at Klamath Union High School. Earn college credits and career skills while in high school! Click here for the full brochure!

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New Peer Mentor Program: Great Opportunity for Pondo's 8th Graders

Do you remember being a freshman in high school? For many it is a daunting time. New building, new schedules, more responsibilities, more freedom, unfamiliar faces: These are just a few of the challenges that can make the first year of high school confusing. KU has added a number of supports for incoming students over the last few years that have helped ease this tension. These include more guidance staff support and a high school success class for all freshmen to help them navigate their high school transition and set future goals and plans. Now KU has gone a step further and reached down into Ponderosa while the students are still 8th graders to help pave the way for the high school transition.

This is done in a number of ways including getting information about KU to the students during advisement time, lunches and after school through teams and clubs visiting to share information. It is also done through written material given to students and parents. KU counseling staff visit Ponderosa to get to know eighth graders, set their 9th grade schedule and establish relationships with them. New this year are student leaders at KU serving as peer mentors for Ponderosa students under the direction of Associated Student Business teacher, Marvin Dykstra.

These mentors are visiting Ponderosa 8th graders during second semester and helping them learn about what to expect at the high school. They will also be available to answer questions and ease their concerns about the high school environment. These mentors will also meet with Pondo 8th graders at KU this spring to show them around and help them get comfortable with the new campus. These interactions will not only give information. They also will help develop positive relationships with KU student leaders.

These high school leaders will also serve as mentors to the 8th graders next year when they become 9th graders at KU. They will guide them throughout that first year. This will help the first-year students overcome the inevitable challenges they will face. The anticipated outcome of this work is that next year’s freshmen class will hit the ground running and have a strong high school start. Thus, next year’s 9th graders will be supported to earn good grades and the credits they need to be on track to graduate four years later.

This focus on 9th grade success has really paid dividends at KU where 85% of the 9th graders last year were on track to graduate with six or more earned credits at the end of their freshman year. It is hoped that adding these peer mentors will lead to an even higher percentage of students who succeed their first year, so that the KU 87% graduation rate will soar into the 90’s in the very near future.

This careful work and planning by KU makes it a great high school for students who are seeking a positive and successful high school career.

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Community Partners Give KU Students Business Experience

Klamath Falls City Schools, in partnership with local businesses, is creating paid internship opportunities in the community for Klamath Union High School students. This past summer, four students served as interns, two at the Herald & New and two at BasinLife.com

Internships worked for approximately 8 weeks in June and July. In that time the program introduced the students to a wide range of real-life professional experiences in the world of media. In addition to earning a salary for their work, students also earned three (3) college credits through partnership with Klamath Community College.

Hailey Anderson and Cooper Roberts, seniors at KUHS, both served as interns at the Herald and News. Supervised by Gerry O’Brien, General Manager and Editor,  Anderson and Roberts helped cover a wide variety of stories affecting and representing our community, from the close of Eternal Hills Memorial Gardens to the celebrations of Relay for Life.

“I love being able to work with the Herald and News this summer, “Roberts said. “My work was varied and I felt I was part of a team, not just an intern.”

As interns, students built upon skills learned in the KU/KCC Dual Credit Courses in Media Design, taught at KU by Dan Stearns. “The opportunity I had to work with the Herald and News is important to me because I feel like I was able to further my skills as a videographer and photojournalist,” remarked Anderson.

The internship program receives funding through the Klamath Falls City Schools and a grant through CCLC (21st Century Community Learning Centers). Plans are underway to continue and expand opportunities for paid summer internships around the community. The goal is to give high school students a leg up in the work force and introduce them to possible career choices while in high school.

The internships were  also made possible by a grant from the Pacific Power Foundation and the Cow Creek Indian Foundation.

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