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Principal's Message 9/28/2020

Hello Ponderosa Students and Families,


We are in Week 4 of Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL).  That means students should be focusing on their Periods 2 and 4 classes along with their elective or Health/PE classes (depending on their schedule).  This past week we had our Ponderosa Open House, and if you happened to miss it, please look on our Facebook page, our Ponderosa webpage, or an email sent out last week for the link to access the information from the presentation.  


Per Oregon Department of Education (ODE) we need to make sure we communicate with our parents as best as possible.  We will be having Ponderosa Admin Talks twice a month both in the morning and the evening.  This is an open forum where I will share information and ask and answer questions as they arise.  This forum is designed for our administrative team to connect with parents and families.  We will be using the Zoom platform and I’ll be sending out information the day prior and the day of through email and text message.  The first one will be Monday, October 5th.  One session will start at 9:00 a.m. and the other will start at 6:00 p.m.  These will last approximately one hour in length.


Another requirement from ODE is to track and monitor attendance of our students.  Ponderosa is working extremely hard to make sure our students are attending and having access to their classes.  Here is the definition and guidance from ODE:

  • Attendance includes both participation in class activities and interaction with a licensed or registered teacher during a school day or interactions with educational assistants and dparaprofessionals through teacher-designed and facilitated processes.

  • Interaction can be evidenced by any of the following or reasonable equivalents:

    • Participating in a video class;

    • Communication from the student to the teacher via chat, text message, communication app or email;

    • A phone call between the teacher or educational assistants/paraprofessionals and the student, or, for younger students, with the parent or guardian of the student;

    • Posting completed coursework to a learning management system or web-based platform or via email; or

    • Turning in completed coursework on a given day.

  • When there is no evidence of student interaction during a 24-hour period surrounding a scheduled school day as described, students are reported as absent for the day (grades K-5/ self-contained) or class (grades 6-12/ individual subject).

  • Provide families with clear and concise descriptions of student attendance and participation expectations as well as family involvement expectations that take into consideration the home environment, caregiver’s work schedule, and mental/physical health.


If a student is not engaging, the school will be reaching out via phone, text, email, and home visits to see how we can support the student and family. We understand that accurately monitoring and measuring student engagement can be challenging while many parents are working and many students may be doing school work while away from home.  Ponderosa is dedicated to supporting and helping our parents and students with regard to attendance.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Mr. Dix via email (dixl@kfalls.k12.or.us) or phone (541.883.4740 ext 6011). 

Mr. Lemieux - Principal