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100% Graduation is the Expectation!

Best Work ~ Best Selves



The new district vision statement is, “Dedicated to helping all students do their best work and become their best selves.” Our first two district aims relate to helping us make this vision a reality. You can play an active part in this work.


Our first AIM is “All Students Do Their Best Work.” One way to help make this happen is through students, parents and community members providing leadership in our schools and giving ideas and input into our practices. We hope you take advantage of opportunities to take on leadership roles in our schools and to share your perspective with us throughout the year. Your ideas are important and valuable.


Parents are also critical in helping students do their best work by checking in daily with the work they are doing in school to make sure it is the best they can do. When reviewing the students’ school work a simple question could help set the stage: “Is this your best work?” If the answer is “no”, then it should be improved. Requiring their best work around the home also reinforces this important message. Having high expectations for students taking pride in themselves and in their work is critical to students’ fully realizing their potential.


Under the second AIM, “All Students Become Their Best Selves,” parents and community members can help students by expecting them to be respectful and kind to others. Also important under this AIM is having students experience serving others inside and outside of the home. Helping students realize that true happiness comes not from a self-centered focus but rather from a service-centered focus is a big part of their growth in this area.


Parents can also support this AIM by helping their children understand the importance of faithful school attendance. This will allow them to develop crucial character traits such as work ethic and commitment to learning. Good school attendance is also a crucial building block to being a good employee as an adult. Those who do not faithfully attend their work do not keep their jobs. The habit of showing-up starts in school.


Helping students do their best work and become their best selves is the daily priority of our schools. This focus helps us partner with the home and the community to bring about maximum growth and success in our students.