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Students React to KU Building

     About a month into the 2018-2019 academic school year, students are still getting used to being in the new building. After three years of anticipation to see their restored high school, Klamath Union students finally have a welcoming and warm learning environment. 

     Students were eager to see what the new building would look like after the summer.  Senior Jordan Rejon mentioned, "I was actually pretty impressed. I really like the wood staircase and the open space.”  “At first I was really confused on where everything was, but now I’ve gotten used to it” said sophomore student Daniel Thornton.

     Having put the days of using trailers for classrooms behind them, students are now delighted they no longer have to go outside to travel from one class to another. “I am just so happy that we don’t have to go outside anymore, I would always get so cold in the winter,” says sophomore Saira Blevins.

     Surprisingly, some of the students also mentioned how much they liked the color palettes that were used for the new building, stating that the red and cream color added more brightness to the walls. 

     "It's more of a college environment than the old KU," said junior Jezzebelle Rowley. "The building really fits and promotes the college classes that are available here at KU."

     The new academic building is more suited for the many career pathways now offered at Klamath Union. KU now offers nine pathways in Computer Science, Reach to Teach (teacher pathway), Media Design, Science and Math Academy, Culinary Arts, Emergency Services, Liberal Arts Academy, Industrial Arts, and Certified Nursing Assistant certifications. With a new bright and welcoming facility, students and staff alike will be sure to start creating fond memories in this new academic environment.


Thank you to Karla Andrade for this update.

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