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Food Service and Eating Plan

During construction of the Arts Building including the cafeteria during most of the 2018-19 school year, breakfast and lunch will be prepared off-campus by KU cooks and brought to KU for students daily.


Grab and Go meals will be served out of the Pel Court Foyer in the Health and Wellness Building.  Breakfast will be served from 7:45 – 8:00 am and during morning break and is free for every student.  Lunch will be continue to be available for purchase, unless students apply for and are approved for free/reduced meal status. 


Lunch period has been increased to 35 minutes for students.  KU remains an “open campus”, however all students are expected to be in class, on time, at the beginning of 5th period after lunch. 


Student seating for eating will be available throughout campus, including: outside areas, Mezzanine in Pel Court, eating tables set up in trophy hallway in Pel Court, numerous Academic Building student common areas, hallways, and classrooms. 


Please dispose of all trash appropriately and promptly to help keep school clean and assist custodians with daily clean up. Trash and recycling containers will be readily available for use.


Thank you for your patience and cooperation while the new cafeteria is being remodeled.  


Locker Rental Plan

Locker rental will be available to students on a first-come/first-serve basis. Locker rental fee of $6.00 includes a required KU lock.  Use of personal locks are not permitted.  Lockers are now located in the Academic Building (1st and 3rd floor) and in Pel Court in the weight room hallway. 


Locker Rental agreements are available in the Main Office from Mrs. Bonser.  Fees are paid to the KU Bookkeeper.  Students are not required to rent a locker.  Lockers are the possession of the school district and may be subject to searches. 


KU Parking Plan

The KU parking lot has been resurfaced and striped to reflect a new one-way driving path around the school.  Please be aware of new directional and road signage that is in effect.  Designated handicap, visitor, and staff and student parking is available.  Students must purchase a permit for $5 and display a parking permit to park on the KU campus.  Parking Permits are obtained from Mrs. Bonser in the Front Office.  Parking and traffic is monitored by school staff and Klamath Falls City Police.