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Safety in the KFCS Schools from Dr. Hillyer, Superintendent

Dear Parents:

The tragedy of the latest school shooting in Florida has rocked the nation. Once again, America’s attention is focused on school safety. Student safety is our district’s top priority. KFCS has long had many practices in place to reduce the risk of student harm. This includes locking all but the front entry door at all schools during the school day, asking visitors to check into the office and wear visitor badges, requiring staff to wear employee badges, having cameras at all our locations to monitor inside and outside of the schools, having regularly scheduled trainings and drills at all schools, partnering with the Klamath Police department for a dedicated SRO officer, hiring a safety director, ensuring close supervision of students, and providing mental and behavioral health supports to students.

Bond funds also are being used to update school cameras at all sites, develop key card reader door lock systems at all sites, and other security features. The newly remodeled KU campus will have state-of-the art security systems and a secured office-only access entryway for all visitors. This entry requires all visitors to go through the office and sign in with a secretary before being allowed into the rest of the school. KU also will have secure connected links between all buildings, so that students will not go outside to move from one side of the campus to the other. This allows all outside doors to be locked and secured during the day except for the aforementioned front entry.

Our district wants you to know that we take school security very seriously and are doing all we can to keep students safe every day. Thank you for your support and confidence in our schools.

Best regards,

KFCS Superintendent, Paul Hillyer