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When to Keep Your Student Home

Immunization Information

Addiction & Bullying Resources

  • Drug Abuse and Bullying - Everything you need to know
  • Teenage Drug Prevention Information - Consequences, Risk, Measures
  • Effects of Smoking (and Vaping) on Teenagers and Young Adults - 90% of smokers began smoking before the age of 19. This article provides insight and indicators.
  • Drug Addiction - a free resource loaded with addictive drug types and descriptions, statistics, signs of addiction, causes, consequences and treatment.
  • Teen Drug Abuse - Drugs and alcohol have a greater effect on teens than on adults. The signs of addiction can be difficult to understand, and many teens don’t realize the long-term damage drugs have on their bodies because the short-term side effects fade. Help is available for teens who have questions about drug abuse or think they are suffering from addiction.
  • Teenage Depression - a resource for signs, causes and what can be done.