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School Board Information

KFCS Board has transitioned to an online program for meeting agendas, packets and minutes.

Klamath Falls City Schools Board of Directors

Zone 1: Denise Norton (Term Expires 6/30/19)
Zone 2: Lori Theros (Term Expires 6/30/19)
Zone 3: Mychal Amos (Term Expires 6/30/21) Vice Chair
Zone 4: Donald Ambers (Term Expires 6/30/19)
Zone 5: Trina Perez (Term Expires 6/30/19)
Zone 6: Michael Moore (Term Expires 6/30/21)
Zone 7: Bill Jennings (Term Expires 6/30/21) Board Chair

Budget Members

Zone 1: Carol Usher (Term Expires 6/30/18)

Zone 2: Wendy Clark (Term Expires 6/30/19)
Zone 3: Don McDonnell (Term Expires 6/30/19)
Zone 4: Kathy Hewitt (Term Expires 6/30/18)
Zone 5: Keith Endacott (Term Expires 6/30/20)
Zone 6: Justin Rodriguez(Term Expires 6/30/19)
Zone 7: Ben Vallejos (Term Expires 6/30/20)


Community Announcements

Take Your Seat

Click Here for a one-time, tax-deductible contribution, we engrave the inscription of your choice (you may use up to 72 characters [24 per line] including spaces) on a nameplate to be attached to the seat.

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