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School Board Information

KFCS Board has transitioned to an online program for meeting agendas, packets and minutes.

Board Oath:

Any elected or appointed Board member must qualify by taking an oath of office before assuming the duties of office. The oath of office is as follows:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the state of Oregon and the laws thereof, and the policies of the Klamath Falls City School District. During my term, I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the Office of School Board Member to the best of my ability.



Klamath Falls City Schools Board of Directors

Zone 1 (Roosevelt): Carol Usher - Board Vice Chair (Term Expires 6/30/2023)
Zone 2 (At-large): Lori Theros - Board Chair (Term Expires 6/30/2023)
Zone 3 (Conger): Vanessa Bennett (Term Expires 6/30/2025)
Zone 4 (Mills): Dawn Albright (Term Expires 6/30/2023)
Zone 5 (Pelican): Trina Perez (Term Expires 6/30/2023)
Zone 6 (At-large): Patrick Fenner (Term Expires 6/30/2025)
Zone 7 (At-large): Ashley Wendt-Lusich (Term Expires 6/30/2025)

Budget Members

Zone 1 (Roosevelt): Brienne Humphrey (Term Expires 6/30/2021)

Zone 2 (At-large): Wendy Clark (Term Expires 6/30/2022)
Zone 3 (Conger): Eric Rose(Term Expires 6/30/2022)
Zone 4 (Mills): Kathy Hewitt (Term Expires 6/30/2021)
Zone 5 (Pelican): Allison Phair (Term Expires 6/30/2024)
Zone 6 (At-large): Justin Rodriguez (Term Expires 6/30/2022)
Zone 7 (At-large): Ben Vallejos (Term Expires 6/30/2020)


School Messenger Info for Announcements

Please make sure contact information for news on your student's school is up to date in Tyler SIS. Contact your school secretary if you have any concerns.

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