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Starbase Science

Mrs. Dahm's fifth-graders enjoy day 1 of a 5-day STEM program at Kingsley Field's Starbase classroom. Read the story here

Students at Starbase science

Pelican Creates a Carnival




Pelican Elementary School held its annual carnival fundraiser 1/23, providing family fun while raising funds for field trips, literacy supplies, classroom technology, math manipulatives and more!

Pelican Creates a Carnival




Caroling in KFalls

Pelican Elementary School 1st- and 5th-grade "book buddies" took to the streets Dec. 18 to share carols and candy canes with their Harbor Isles neighbors. Pictured are Mrs. Dahm's 5th grade students and Mrs. Kappas's 1st grade students, year-round partners for weekly reading practice. Most buddy pairs spontaneously held hands while walking and singing. "Reading together builds both skills and school unity," said Kappas. "They're very protective of one another." 

Pelican Students Caroling

4th Grade Nutrition with OSU Extension

Kim Dunaway's 4th grade students at Pelican made turkey cranberry quesadillas as part of a nutrition lesson with Oregon State University's Klamath Extension on 12/11. They even learned how to slice spinach leaves in the french "chiffonade" style. The majority review: "Yum!"Nutrition Lesson

1 Using the “chiffonade” technique to slice spinach leaves
2 Filling the tortillas
3 Heating the quesadillas with the help of OSU’s Karen Hottman
4-6 Tasting the final product

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Ebenezer Scrooge at Pelican Elementary

Funded by the Pelican Booster Club, Portland's Traveling Lanterns Theater Company presented the story of Ebenezer Scrooge at Pelican Elementary 12/6. The actors used audience interaction and physical comedy to entertain while also conveying the serious message of Charles Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." As 2nd-grader Jayla said, "It was about being nice to people!"

Scrooge Snapshots

Pelican Vaccination Rates

Oregon Public Heath has released Pelican's 17/18 Immunization Rates. Click here for the graph on Pelican's data. For all KFCS schools, click here.

Pelican Announcements

Spring Break from March 26-30
Classes Resume April 2nd