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KFCS K-8 Students Moving to Longer School Day April 19th
more Earlier this month the Center for Disease Control (CDC) changed their recommendation on school social distancing from a mandatory six feet to three feet. Govern Brown, following this advice, reduced social distancing requirements for school accordingly. This change makes it possible to have more students in a classroom at the same time. As a result, school districts can begin using longer school day schedules.In line with this new guidance, the Klamath Falls City Schools Board of Education has approved the resolution to have K-8 grade students begin a full day in person schedule on Monday, April 19. Students in grades 9-12 will continue their current a.m./p.m. hybrid program. Those choosing the district home learning program, River Academy, may continue to do so. It is exciting to have...

Lines for Life Educator Wellness and new Parent Wellness Rooms

Lines for Life through its Helpers Helping Helpers programming has launched a variety of “wellness room” spaces on Zoom for folks to attend freely and seek support, share resources, and overall sit together in community during the pandemic. Yvette Garcia (cc’d on this email) has two exciting programs that have been made with schools in mind – a Wellness Room for educators AND a new Wellness Room for parents! This is a statewide and FREE resource that is meant to support – please do not hesitate to spread the word! Some Wellness Rooms are also available in Spanish.

Education Wellness Room: Wednesdays at 3 pm. 


Parents Wellness Room: Tuesdays at 3 pm. 

Parent Wellness Room: Thursdays at 3 pm. 



Operational Blueprint for School Reentry 2020/21

Under ODE’s Ready Schools, Safe Learners guidance, each school has been directed to submit a plan to the district in order to provide on-site and/or hybrid instruction. Districts must submit each school’s plan to the local school board and make the plans available to the public.
Each School Name Is A Link To Their Blueprint

Conger Elementary
Mills Elementary
Pelican Elementary
Roosevelt Elementary
Ponderosa Middle School
Klamath Union High School
Klamath Learning Center
Klamath Basin Behavioral Health
Early Childhood Intervention

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